Enjoy an array of treatments from the Nanuya Lailai Lagoon Day Spa.  30 minutes or 3 hours our therapists will pamper you from your choice of treatments from our delicious spa menu that will leave you rejuvenated, refreshed and relaxed.


Whether it’s lying on your favourite sun lounge or swaying in a hammock there are various ways to relax. Perhaps take a relaxing sunset cruise inclusive of beverages and appetizers to watch close up the amazing colours and light change over the water and surrounding islands of the Yasawa as the sun bids farewell for the day.

Fiji Culture

Join in every Friday to learn many Fiji traditions such as basket weaving, making Kokoda, and enjoying our Magiti (feast) as you experience a Lovo (earth oven cooked dinner) and Meke (traditional dance).


Relax on one of the finest beaches in the South Pacific, enjoying the pristine turquoise waters of your dreams.


We pride ourselves on using as much fresh local produce as possible, with a regularly changing menu. Friday nights join us for a traditional Fiji feast.


Spend your days on the island, whether it’s snorkeling straight off the beach to explore the spectacular marine life, or kayaking around the island for the more adventurous souls.


We’re committed to the environment and do whatever we can to help maintain a sustainable resort. Our large solar panels provide power to the resort and our guests.

Getting Here

Getting to Nanuya Island Resort is a memorable part of your Fiji adventure. Whether it’s by boat, helicopter or seaplane you’ll see some amazing scenery.

The Nanuya Family

The friendly staff at Nanuya Island Resort will be as much a part of your time in Fiji as the amazing weather and natural environment. The Fijian people are world-famous for their friendly smiles and it will be no surprise why Fiji is the happiest place on earth!

Boathouse at Nanuya

Located right next to Nanuya Island Resort is our Boathouse Nanuya. Boathouse Nanuya offers cold beers, casual dining, water-sport activities and a fun location to enjoy your time in Fiji. Air-conditioned ensuite motel style accommodation for 1 night or 1 month available. Book Now.

Booking Your Accommodation with Nanuya

When you book with Nanuya Island Resort we’ll always give you the best possible rate.